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Frequently Asked Questions


When does my monthly subscription renew?

Your subscription will renew automatically every month on the anniversary of your signup date.  For example, if you signed up on July 15th, your subscription would renew on the 15th of each month.  Note: If you are unsatisfied with your membership for any reason, just email us anytime before your next renewal date and we will cancel your subscription (with no future charges to your card).

How do I access the Premium Research?

You can access all of our reports in the Premium Research section of our website by logging in (see link below).  Note:  You must be logged-in to view the research.

Is there a set schedule for the various DIY Dividend research?

Yes, the schedule for the reports is as follows:

  • Dividend Stock Rankings – 1st Monday of every month
  • “Buy Zone” Reports – updated at least once per quarter for each stock
  • Idea Zone and Watch Lists – updated at least once per week
  • Weekly “Model” Portfolio Summary and Commentary – Every Sunday

How are the Parsimony Ratings derived?

Please click here for more information about our rating methodology.

What is a “Buy Zone”?

Once we have decided that we want to purchase a particular stock, we look for a low-risk entry point to open (or add to) the position.  We scan the charts of our top-rated stocks daily looking for strong levels of support (both technical and fundamental). These levels of support form what we call our “Buy Zones”, which are points at which long-term dividend investors should feel comfortable starting to build a position in the respective stocks.  We focus on four key levels of support when determining a “Buy Zone”:

  • Technical – Support from short and long-term trend lines
  • Volatility – Target correction levels based on historical volatility and draw down
  • Valuation – Support levels based on historical valuation multiples
  • Yield – Support levels based on forward dividend yield

If you are a new dividend investor and are building your DIY Dividend Portfolio from scratch, don’t feel pressured to have a fully diversified portfolio on day one.  Dividend investing is a marathon, not a sprint.  It’s extremely important to be patient when building a long-term portfolio…we can’t stress that enough.

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