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Let's Build A Do-It-Yourself Dividend Portfolio Together!

DIY Dividend Portfolio

The DIY Dividend Portfolio service is a premium membership for long-term dividend investors. We provide you with the research necessary to help you build and monitor your own DIY Dividend Portfolio and to help you invest with confidence.


Monthly Dividend Stock Rankings

We use a combination of fundamental and technical analysis to determine which stocks to buy and when to buy them. Our robust rating system (which utilizes 28 key data points across five sub-rating categories) ranks over 700 U.S. dividend stocks on a monthly basis. We believe that the stocks with the highest Parsimony Ratings are great candidates for your DIY Dividend Portfolio.

BZ report

The “Buy Zone” Report

Our individual Buy Zone reports highlight key fundamental and technical data points as well as low risk entry points (i.e, “Buy Zones”) for some of our highest rated dividend stocks.


Idea Zone & Watch Lists

Our watch lists and stock screens will help you target the best investment ideas for your own DIY Dividend Portfolio.

Model Portfolio

Model DIY Dividend Portfolio & Commentary

Our “Model” DIY Dividend Portfolio is a good guide for you to use as you build and manage your own portfolio.  In addition , our weekly commentary highlights recent portfolio activity as well as stocks to watch for the following week.

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