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“BUY ZONE.  Those two words separate Parsimony Investment Research from all the rest!  Anyone can pick a stock to invest in, but do you know what is the best price to start an allocation?  Parsimony’s “Buy Zones” take all the questions out of the buying decision.    As a DIY investor, I do not have the time or resources to pour over all the possible dividend stocks in the market.   Parsimony Investment Research knows how to dig for those stocks that you may not have on your radar that can give your portfolio that punch it deserves.  The reports and statistics found on PIR website cannot be duplicated for the cost.   They also teach you how to be “patient.”  I invest in Parsimony to save me time, insure I’m buying the best stocks at the right prices (buy zones), and to have someone to lean on when I have questions.   Parsimony is one investment I’m guaranteed a 100% return on!”

 J.S. – Cincinnati, OH


“This is a very dynamic, straight forward, approach to investing. I’ve learned more about investing from your service in the past 5 months than I have learned from other “pundits” in years!”

D.S. – Rochester, NY


“In my view, strong dividend stocks may be the best and most reliable way to increase portfolio value and increase desired and growing stream of income. My main problem was identifying the possible “candidates” for purchase, spending much time all over the board reading, and digesting, this report, that review, those results, but never, before now, finding a good resource for doing all the “leg work”, i.e. the research, the analysis, the testing, not to mention the development of a consistent “method” for identifying and evaluating great candidates for purchase, as well as a “zone” for buying, and a “safety zone”, be it a covered call or a cash-secured put, for such investment choices. Parsimony Research’s Premium service makes the choices easy. They identify, we choose. That’s a lot of value for less than the price of 3 gallons of gas, and the results may well get you much further than 60 miles! In addition, their customer service has been stellar on an almost 24/7 basis. I’ve tried it, I know.”

W.H.M. – St. Louis (Clayton), MO


“Your systematic approach to dividend stock investing is exactly what I need. Your comprehensive service enables me to easily identify high-quality, dividend-paying stocks, tells me when to buy them, and helps me to manage downside risks. I feel confident that with your guidance I will achieve my objective of generating a safe, reliable stream of income that grows faster than the rate of inflation.”

P.M. – Box Elder, SD


“I joined Parsimony’s premium service recently and have been very impressed with the service.  I like the website as it has a clean layout and its easy to extract premium information.  I recommend reading Parsimony Research’s excellent educational and informative articles on Seeking Alpha and combining it with the comprehensive membership reports.  I really like the idea of real time DIY Model Portfolio.  The Parsimony Team uses the recommendations from the newsletter to build the portfolio and track the results.  I have also become a fan of Parsimony ratings, Buy Zones and Option Ideas.  In conclusion, the Parsimony Research Team is doing a fine job in educating DIY investors and I recommend the premium service.”

J.S. – Chantilly, VA


“I subscribed to Parsimony’s premium research based on their very informative articles on Seeking Alpha. Their articles were to the point, analytical and dealt with the fundamental side of investing in part through their rating system. Although not new to investing (I have almost 30 years of experience), it is often a lonely activity since most people shy away from it.  Having an experienced partner like Parsimony Research is a big asset to have. Since day one of my subscription they have over delivered and I have got exactly what I was looking for. Their quantitative approach has helped me select a group of dividend stocks that meet my specific needs. Weaponed with these facts plus the fundamental scrutiny through their rating process, I feel comfortable making my investments. Warning signs as for maximum concentration, possible improvements of income through options and a hedge against down turns in the market make this service complete. Thank you Parsimony Research Team!”

T.W. – Cobble Hill, BC (Canada)


“The Parsimony Research team not only has outstanding information on the fundatmentals of dividend stocks, the team also provides guidance on strategies to enhance potential yields. Their support and services thus far have been superb!”

T.C. – White Plains, NY

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